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rapture 2012 (wargasm) rapture 2012 (wargasm)

Rated 5 / 5 stars


lol, I'll be honest...i first listened to conformity is your other track, but i was kinda scared when the lyrics came in, so I'll listen to this one instead!!
Well, i love it! you've put in heaps of cool sounds and i especially love the percussion! That middle eastern prayer part sounded awesome and all the bubbles and eerie synths following were also cool.

Oh no lol...scary vocals again! its like a nightmare!! well, i loved it up to the crazy part!
You have a very unique style! :)!

snoballandthmonyshot responds:

be afraid... be very afraid, hehe
thanks for the review, u got unlucky with these 2, most of my tracks don't have nasty vox in them... some of them are actually dance-able, shock horror.

March of the Tankmen (0:43) March of the Tankmen (0:43)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awesome song

Wow do you write music for a living! i mean, this is seriously awesome. I love how it kind of slows down at parts, seems like it would fit in any kind of cartoon or animation! just fantastic!! ... i thought the cartoon was a bit crude....but i hope you win!

WinTang responds:

Thanks! I hope so too! :)
Competition is tough though...
In a year or two, I plan on writing music for a living, until then I'll happily put my stuff on Newgrounds...
Thanks for returning the review! Take care!

Billy86 - Catchy rhythem Billy86 - Catchy rhythem

Rated 5 / 5 stars


wow, you rock! i like this one. It sounds really alive and uplifting, i feel like dancing. the bass is really cool, reminds me of some Kylie Minogue tracks i love listening to.
Keep on rocking.

Billy86 responds: